Destroying Our Most Precious Resource – (It’s Not Air or Water)

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Onderzoek dat onze video ‘doen is de beste manier van denken’ verder verstevigd.


 Destroying Our Most Precious Resource – (It’s Not Air or Water)

By Shlomo Maital

creativity decline

98% geniuses, age 5;  2% geniuses as adults

  In an interview with the AARP (retired persons) magazine, Warren Buffett warns against investing in gold, and in doing so, informs us how much gold there is in the world:  170,000 tons, which if melted together would form a cube 68 feet on each side, worth $9.6 trillion (at $1,750 per ounce).  Wow…that’s a lot of cash, more than half America’s annual GDP.  

   Now – imagine reverse alchemy:  Irradiating that cube until it becomes…lead.  $10 trillion in value disappears instantly. Gone forever. 

  Insanity?  We are doing the equivalent every day to our children.

  Studies show that nearly all (98%)  3-to-5 year-olds score as creative geniuses, when measured by their divergent thinking skills (ability to envision multiple solutions to a problem – matching the definition of…

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