The Triad: Fragile, Robust, and Antifragile

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Si Alhir (Sinan Si Alhir)

Evolution is the essence of antifragility!

“In fact, the most interesting aspect of evolution is that it only works because of its antifragility; it is in love with stressors, randomness, uncertainty, and disorder — while individual organisms are relatively fragile, the gene pool takes advantage of shocks to enhance its fitness.”
(Nassim N. Taleb)

As Taleb advocates in Antifragile: “Everything that has life [the organic and complex versus the mechanical and non-complex/complicated] in it is to some extent antifragile (but not the reverse)” — “the secret of life is antifragility.”

Appreciating Taleb’s work involves initially recognizing it (Antifragile, Flexibility, Robust, Resilience, Agility, and Fragile) and then translating it into practice (The Emergence of the Antifragile Organization), and continuing to evolve . . . “gain”

Antifragility provides a “guide to non-predictive decision making under uncertainty,” that is, “anywhere the unknown preponderates, any situation in which there…

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